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    How long to wait?

    I bought a firearm online from a large dealer in Ohio the last day of June. They say they shipped to my FFL on July 3 and sent me tracking number. It has never arrived. The tracking number has been stuck on July 7 "in transit" for weeks now. Dealer says they have the postmaster looking for the package. How long is reasonable to wait before asking for a refund? I assume the loss is on the dealer, not me or the FFL addressee. I paid by Visa card. Will they help me if dealer is difficult?

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    I recently had the same problem. Took 28 days from ship date for rifle to arrive and also showed "In Transit". Blamed it on shipping delays but personally I dont believe it was shipped immediately even though i was provided a shipping #. I do believe you can get a full refund from VISA if the item doesn't arrive

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Hope it didn’t go through Bloomington FedEx
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    Contact the last known location and ask them if its time to contact the ATF about your missing gun.

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    Got an email from the dealer today, 7-31. Postal inspectors can't find the package. They will ship me a replacement, they say.

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    I had a Gunbroker Dealer send me a Pistol UPS Ground it took right under a month. Just regular ground in a small box from Washington State

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