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    Quote Originally Posted by dantheman View Post
    I'm pretty good on ammo but I stumbled on some 9mm that was too cheap to pass up so I bought 2 cases . Couldn't help myself .
    Man,You're lucky,9mm is so high I think I'd have to stand on the corner and suck ''D'' in order to buy any?

    Glad I don't shoot many 9's !
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    I grabbed the last 2 boxes of 9mm(s11.99) at the Academy in Elmwood around 11am. It would have been 3 boxes if I had not stopped by Wendy’s for a late breakfast(maple bacon chicken biscuit.)
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    My IRA is making a killing from my Ruger and Smith stocks.
    Ruger is paying a special dividend of $5 a share to shareholders of record as of 08/14/2020 in addition to its regular quarterly dividend of .42 cents.
    I might not add any shares until the next dip, since RGR is at an all time high as of today.

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