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    Beeman buzzing the coast looking for fish ( pics)

    Well the beeman headed down to Grand Isle this weekend for a little fishing and fun. Headed to the marsh Saturday morning and my wife and I ended up with 5 nice reds. Nothing huge, but perfect for the fryer. They would not eat any artificial baits and I fished hard but they just would not bite. We did bring some bait shrimp and caught all of the redfish under a cork. My wife caught 3 and I caught 2. On Saturday night I made up my mind I’d go cast in the surf on Sunday and see what was biting and I was glad I went. The waves weren’t too bad and the water was clear and green and I could see activity all over the place. I started out with a Matrix shad on a jig head in avocado color and when the action slowed I switched to a Johnson spoon which was just like the Mr Champ spoons I used when I was in my teens. I ended up catching 17 specs and kept 13. I also caught 5 other species of fish which kept me entertained between catching my specs. It’s been a long time since I had a good day in the surf and brought back fond memories when I was young.

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    Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy your pics!

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    Always enjoy your adventures.

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    Love me some specs ! Thanks
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    Looks like a blast!

    I’m not sure if you are familiar with belle Chasse and beyond. But is there someone local to that area where one can fish from the shore? Sometimes my dad gets the bug to go fishing and he’s too old to spend all day on the boat with my uncle. So he likes to just get his fishing fix and head home without having to go back on someone else’s schedule.

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    I do a lot of work in that area at certain times of the year, but I don’t fish down there. I’ll do a little research though and see what I can find. I know we have people on here that do fish that area and maybe they will jump in with some advice.

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