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    Taurus Judge Public Defender

    Polymer Public Defender. 2.5” barrel. Shoots 2.5” .410 shells and 45 long colt.

    Small piece of polymer broke off sometime when I shot it. I don’t have the piece.
    Replaced the ‘ribber’ grips that came with it. I did not like them. Grip screw may be stripped out. I had a hard time getting it back in. Grips are secure and definitely aren’t going anywhere.

    I bought the gun as a ‘blemished’ model when I bought it. Maybe the stripped screw was the issue. Just letting you know that because, as I understand Taurus’ policy, it can’t be sent back for the cosmetic issue.

    Shoots great. Just selling a few items that don’t get as much use as they should.

    CHP preferred. Buyer must be able to provide proof of valid LA ID, be legally able to purchase a firearm and be willing to sign a Bill of Sale.


    Initial contact by PM please. Located in Baton Rouge in the I-12 Millerville exit area.

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