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Thread: M1A/M14

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    Putting out feelers for my safe queen.

    Gun started life as an M1a from Springfield boasting a 22" barrel and a synthetic stock. standard flash hider and one box mag. ($1000)

    It has been transformed to an M14-EBR replica using a SAGE International all metal/kydex grey/black frame. ($1500)

    The frame host a Vortex Viper 50 6x24-50 rifle optic with a sunshade and a level. ($1000)

    The frame rest on a Tango Down bipod. ($250)

    included in the sale will be a total of 7 box mags (1x10rd and 6x20 rd) (@$55/20rd)

    and a total of 700 mixed ammo. all brass case except for ($700)
    40 rounds of TUL.
    20 will be match grade
    50 will be "sniper"
    the remaining a mix brand of ball ammo.

    I have put about 30 rounds down the barrel.

    Located in Ponchatoula

    $4000.00 CASH takes her home.

    open to trades that consist of the following: (Will entertain SBRs)
    High-end AK
    High-end AR-15 (Daniels, Triarch, Adams, etc.)
    Glock 34 gen 5 MOS preferably with holosun 508Tv2

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    top open to offers.

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