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Thread: test pics

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    test pics

    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

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    We are the hammer

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    You need to use the full path to the image file. So in your case is the right one since it has the .jpg at the end. Other image files can be .png .bmp .gif .jpeg

    Then you want to click on the picture as shown below in the message post

    You then paste in the full url to the image file in the box that appears

    And the final result is your image displaying in the post

    To further explain, is the URL to the imgur gallery. You can actually upload multiple images in the same gallery on imgur. But each picture will have it's own image file and that's what BayouShooter wants to hotlink to a picture. So that gallery has a single image in it that is so using the steps above will hotlink it as shown below is the gallery I created to upload the two pictures in my "how to" demonstration. If you click that link you'll see there are 2 images in it and and those are the image files I used at the start of this post.
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    You're close to having the picture show up. Edit the original post. For the link that ends in jpg, change the tag from url and \url to img and \img.

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    Bosco's method puts the right tags on the picture, the img tag. Basically, the form is this:

    [ i m g ]web address.jpg[ / i m g ]

    but without the spaces.

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    We are the hammer

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    I usually have issues with using UBB code for images with the WYSIWYG editor.

    When I paste the link to the image file it immediately formats it as a link and if I try to wrap it with the [ img ] [ /img ] tags it doesn't work

    The code behind looks something like [ img ] [ url="" ] [ /img ] [ /url ]

    If I manually type out the UBB code I find it best to switch to the Source Mode editor

    For example:

    I pasted in the URL and wrapped it in img tags like in this image

    The below is the result for me


    I guess I wouldn't have that issue if I unchecked the box to automatically parse links in text but using the GUI method of adding images has always worked for me
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