Hey dudes. I'm looking at putting together my first PCC build; the goal is a 16" 9mm with LRBHO. Putting a trade out there just to see if there are any bites.

I have for trade a mint condition Nixon 51-30 stainless steel watch. 51mm face, 10 ounces of raw steel kickass. Pristine condition, brand new battery, I purchased this new for far more than I'd like to admit (it started with a 6...) and don't wear it much. Great self-defense watch because it's heavy enough to knock out your attacker if you run out of rounds in your ccw. Trade value let's say $300, give or take. Pic below.

I have nothing for this hypothetical PCC but some furniture to get started with, so I'd like to trade for components. Maybe an upper (with or without handguard) would fit this price? Premium quality would be wasted on me, but I don't want rock-bottom budget stuff. Midrange quality dead nuts reliable is what I'm after... PSA, Foxtrot Mike, Spike's, etc. Everything is negotiable, I'm just spitballing.

If you have any of this stuff lying around and don't want to trade for anything, reach out anyway and let's chat.