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    Multiple Rifles: Wilson .458; Wilson Super Sniper .223; POF .308 Pistol; Beowulf ...

    I am thinning the collection. Not interested in trades. When a rifle contains an optic/scope, I'm willing to separate it or to sell scopes separately. Not a single one of these guns has more than 100 rounds through it - set up, sighted in, then maintained in a climate controlled safe. Will come with at least 2 mags each, I likely have more that I just haven't gotten into yet. All prices OBO. I'm located in New Orleans and can meet in the metro area.

    Wilson Combat Super Sniper / Mega Arms billet .223/5.56 $2600 with scope; $2000 without scope.

    Mega Arms matching multi-cal billet upper and lower, Wilson Combat Super Sniper 20" barrel 1:8 twist Wylde chamber; Young manufacturing match bcg; Timney match trigger @ 4lbs; Daniel Defense Omega X 12.0 rail; JP adjustable gas block; Knights Armament rail covers; Nightforce Benchrest C102 12-42x 56mm.

    Noveske Diplomat .223/5.56 7.5" Pistol $2400 with optic - sold
    Noveske flaming pig; Timney Light, foregrip, Aimpoint Micro T-1

    Patriot Ordinance Factory POF Gen 4 P308P-12-11M-308 .308 12" Pistol, NP3 finish $2800 with scope; 1800 without.
    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x 50mm Mil-Dot reticle, 1 mil radian

    Beowulf Seekins Billet upper/lower with Alexander Arms 16.5" .50 Beowulf Barrel $2700
    All AA/Seekins hardware; Timney skeletal trigger, YHM rail, PRS - comes with 100 AA rounds and mags

    Wilson Combat Recon .458 SOCOM Upper / Seekins Lower - $2000
    Self-explanatory, PRS

    Black Rain Ordinance 7.5" Pistol .223/5.56 $1900 w/optic; $1400 without
    Timney skeletal; Noveske flaming pig; light; Aimpoint Micro T-1

    Other threads will follow.
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