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    How do ya'll feel about "masked" carry?

    Last year, if I saw a civilian downtown decked out like SWAT, I would have thought "mass shooter"... Or ISIS
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    Madame Mayor's Fiefdom

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    shall not be infringed
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    I think it's all good unless you say "stick em up" or "I can't breathe".
    Silly pandemic led to masked everyone in a time when entering a bank wearing a mask was never accepted.
    Strange days....

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    Those aren't civilians

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    If you’re against this, you’re against the 2nd Amendment.

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    One team, one mission, only one result! Seals 1 Bin Laden 0

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    I will never mask my muzzle. Always keep it free from obstructions.
    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.


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    Make your own luck

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    I guess it depends what they're doing while dressed up like that.

    Being peaceful, not rowdy, and breaking no laws = probably okay.
    Being loud, rowdy, and breaking laws = probably not okay.

    Will I ever be in that crowd? Probably not.
    -- Austin

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    Organized protest... should have a permit. If there is a permit, then no CCW. Not sure about OC...
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    I've listened to several people that are absolutely convinced in this state that you can't CC with a facial covering... To the point they were preaching it everywhere... In LA the CCW laws are silent on masks and I could only find a law talking about wearing a mask to conceal ones identity being illegal... Which with this mandate is nearly impossible to prove... However some states things are different...

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