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    Bank tellers in Alaska have been dealing with this forever.
    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jkingrph View Post
    Now it's simply accepted, but not always. About 3 years ago I was working as a relief pharmacist in a small town next door in E. Texas when a smart a&% came in wearing a mask. Believe me I had my hand on my firearm until I figured out he was no threat, and I then told him to get the mask off. He had been to a dentist and claimed the "cold" air was hurting his teeth. I understood that the corporate management told him not to come in again.
    I too get to look up frequently to see who is entering the pharmacy and pay special attention to the video of the back door as it allows someone to get too near very rapidly.

    In NE TX we have lots of people that refused to wear masks and now that the county judge declared that we meet the Governorís exemption it is worse.

    I havenít had to prepare to draw lately but still keep my eyes open.

    Stay safe!
    CD Tiller PharmD

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