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    Reading List

    Heard through the grapevine that this used to be one of the most active forums on Shooter, and that seems really appealing to me, so hoping to jumpstart some healthy (!!) conversation in the training area.

    For any other bookworms in here, I'll start with my reading list...

    On the laws and legalities of carrying a firearm for self-defense:

    Self-defense, non-firearm-related

    General health & wellness

    Firearm technique and training

    Gunsmithing misc

    I definitely have some favorites and some "mehhhs" out of this list... I've put asterisks next to the ones I'm particularly enthusiastic about. If you want more details or a synopsis of any of these just ask!

    What's on your bookshelf or kindle? Please help build the 'Shooter reading list below!

    Just books here please (if someone wants to start up another archive for videos or currently available in-person classes that'd be awesome.)

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    A little off the beaten path for pistol training but I enjoy books like Alone and Unafraid by Jason Hanson which is a Defense and Survival Guide.

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    I would also add "Refinement and Repetition" by Steve Anderson

    I was gifted a signed copy of Violence of Mind and will say that most gun toting concealed carriers should read it.

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