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    Long live the 10mm

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    Eddie Van Halen RIP

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    Sure hated to hear that. RIP, Eddie....
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    Yeah same here,He wasn't that old either
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    One of the greatest. This year has been brutal...
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    Very sad loss. RIP Eddie.

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    So much great rock for so long. I would get goosebumps when the Blue Angles/Dreams video came on.
    And Keith Richards out lives another rock star.

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    Don’t troll me bro!

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    Six string legend. He was a true innovator and created his own style of rock guitar. He will live on in his music. Godspeed Eddie.
    Doesn’t play well with TROLLS...

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    Raise your hand if you ever told your parents you were going to the camp, going frogging or going spend the night at a friend’s house.......

    .......but, really drove to Baton Rouge or NOLA and watched a Van Halen concert.

    Was in 7th grade first time I did it...and did it for what seemed like every year until I was probably a Junior in high school.

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    My first was 81 in Biloxi. Many good concerts on the coast. A few VH shows. I believe there is a audio recording of that show. I remember Roth talking about the girl in his room across the street. General admission shows were the best.
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    We are the hammer

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    Dude was an absolute legend. This news really has me down

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