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    Flashlights, Olight, Streamlight, Maglite and Coast

    I have a problem, I like to buy flashlights. A lot.

    So I am desperately reaching out to my "brothers" and seeing if you can help. If just a dozen of you fine gentlemen stepped up and bought just one of these lights it could save my marriage and my sanity.

    For slightly more than the price of a cup of "special coffee" (seriously have you been to starbucks lately, wtf do they think they are selling) you could pick up a unused light from me, and be able to do things you never imagined, like see better in dark areas, and, well, ummm, uhh, yeah, thats pretty much all a flashlight does...

    I have a wide variety of these lights. Some were gifts (to myself) and others I bought out of need (a deep seated need, likely due to my parents shutting me in a dark closet whenever I decided to wear those dresses). In any case, they are all new, some in sealed boxes. All were purchased as backups for my existing selection, so don't feel like you are taking anything away from me, I will be fine without them (hard to type while sobbing).

    All prices are in USD, and I can ship if needed, we can work out those details later. I will say that if you pick up a few, I will cover shipping costs, yes, I am just that great of a guy, ask my therapist (don't mention the dresses).

    1. Streamlight Protac HL 4. This is an awesome outdoor light, or use it indoor to melt things! Runs on (4) 123 lithium or (2) 18650 rechargeable batteries (not included), as new, not used. Asking $80

    2. Olight S2R Baton 2. Great edc light, takes a 18650 battery, which is included. Magnetic tail charging via included usb cable. 1150 lumens on turbo, high, med and low modes, plus a .5 lumen moonlight mode, which is super handy at night, just enough light to see but does not ruin your night vision. Be stealthy in your house. New in Box, Asking $65

    3. Olight M1T Raider Plus. I have 2 of these, one in black and the other is the Limited Edition Desert Tan. Great tactical light, 800 lumens high and 15 lumens low. Uses 2 cr123a batteries, which are included. Asking $50 each

    4. Olight i3T EOS. I have 2 of these, one in black and the other a Limited Edition Red. This is a AAA flashlight, slim and lightweight. Both new in the boxes. Asking $20 each RED IS SOLD

    5. Olight i3E EOS. This is the Desert Tan limited edition, new in the box. Great key chain AAA light. Single mode, 90 lumens. Asking $15

    6. Maratac AAA Titanium flashlight. This is a super nice, ultralight aaa light with great output and a titanium body, please see this link for all of the info
    Asking $50

    7. Maglite LED AA. Bit retro here, but it is a cool light in its own way. Takes 2 AA batts (not included) and has the old school twisty head switch. Comes with a sweet belt holster, and it is red, so that makes it just that much nicer. Asking $15


    Olight S1R Baton 2. SOLD
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