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    whole house generators, who has/had one?

    the house we are buying has natural gas, and is on a small grid so is last to get restored after an outage.
    we are considering a whole house generator. Generac is the only name i know, so other brands to check out would be appreciated.

    what are your thoughts, experiences, advice?

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    Both my father, and mother in law have Generac systems.

    Both installations were done by competent installers.

    Both systems work well.

    The thing to remember is that you need a service kit.

    Small engines require oil changes at about 100 hours of run time.

    You can't count on the service technicians showing up four days after a major storm to change your oil for you, and an engine that's locked up does nobody any good.
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    Have one at house we just bought and it gives you peace of mind when hurricane season comes along. Ran from Friday nite to noon Sat. They shut Generac factory down with covid so finding dealer/installer with one may be fun. I would recommend buying from someone who has been in business for a while and offers service. PM me if want my recommendation. jim

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    I have 22Kw Generac installed by Optimize of Baton Rouge. All I can say is they are professional top to bottom. From sales, to install, to the follow up visit by the owner it was nothing but pleasant. I had two other companies give me estimates. Just from the estimate experience, I would not want them to do my install.

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    We have a 17KW air cooled Generac. Was installed back in 2009 shortly after Hurricane Gustav knocked us out of power for three weeks. Fortunately, we have not really had to use it for an extended period of time as of yet. Had a couple times where it ran for a day or so due to heavy thunderstorms knocking out the grid and quite a few couple three hour runs. Sure is nice to have.

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    Just say NOOOOOO to Generac crap.Its just a regular generator
    with a purdddy cover. They are very very loud.In fact I live near
    a neighbor that has a new one installed in the last 3 months.I
    can hear it over my other neighbors generator and mine.It is
    super loud.Im running a 9500 and neighbor is running an 8500
    and we can hear the generac at our houses over ours in the yard.

    And you have to use she had to spend well over 5k for
    the tank,gas, and the generator.Not any more cost effective
    than a regular generator.Stick to the basics.Buy a good ol
    Honda generator with enough power to run your basics at your
    home and hook it up with the correct cables to do so.You will
    be doing the same thing as a generac,just way cheaper and
    much easier to maintain.When the neighbors gas ran out,it
    took them 2-3 days of working and priming it ,to restart.

    Good Luck

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    There's a ton of generators for sale today !
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    We have had a 22KW water cooled, natural gas, Generac stationary generator for a number of years. Could not be happier. It runs quietly and powers our whole house. Nothing cannot run in the house when generator running. We heat our water and bake our food electrically and I have two central AC systems. We do have a gas drier. I also have it serviced annually.

    If you buy a unit that is under-powered for your needs, particularly an air-cooled unit, you are asking for lots of noise and problems no matter what manufacture. I am not condemning air-cooled units, per say, but understand that stationary generator motors range from lawnmower sized to automobile sized and the load capacities vary greatly.
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    Aunt and uncle have one....itís powered by a 35 HP Briggs and Stratton engine with a natural gas aspirated carburetor.

    They say when they have to use it, their gas bill goes through the roof.

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    I have a Cummins Onan NG air-cooled installed in 2007. Very happy. Transfer switch sold me. Quiet. The motor is Briggs & Stratton.
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