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    We are the hammer

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    Look out Baton Rouge you might be next for BLM protests

    Saw this tonight all over Reddit and wanted to give a heads up to those this might affect. If the video footage gets released to the public, I'm sure protesters will make their way back to our state looking for blood. If the footage doesn't get released, it seems they are going to protest the Governor's mansion to force him to release it. So lose lose situation.

    Article from September that started getting attention as graphic photos were leaked:

    A single-page crash report reviewed by The Associated Press says troopers tried to stop Mr. Greene for an unspecified traffic violation just after midnight on May 10, 2019, north of Monroe, La. Mr. Greene, who lived in Monroe, refused to pull over and troopers pursued him, The A.P. reported, citing the document.

    The report says the chase ended when Mr. Greeneís vehicle crashed, according to The A.P.

    *Greene was taken into custody after resisting arrest and a struggle with troopers,* the report says, adding that he *became unresponsive* and died as he was being taken to a hospital. The report does not mention any use of force by troopers, The A.P. said.

    Relatives of the man, Ronald Greene, 49, were initially told that he had died from injuries he sustained in a crash after he failed to stop for a traffic violation, a lawyer for his family said. But photos that recently circulated online ó the images appear to show Mr. Greeneís bruised and bloodied face and damage to his car that the family says is inconsistent with a fatal accident ó have raised questions about what really happened.
    Article from today, the family was allowed to view the video footage but it's not released to the public:

    Family members viewed long-secret body-camera video this week of a Black man who died in Louisiana State Police custody, their attorney calling it damning footage that shows troopers choking and beating the man, repeatedly jolting him with stun guns and dragging him face-down across the pavement.

    Ronald Greeneís mother and sister wailed *like they were at a funeral* Wednesday after meeting with Gov. John Bel Edwards and watching a half-hour of the footage of the May 2019 encounter that is now the subject of a federal civil rights investigation, their attorney told The Associated Press.

    *This family has been lied to the entire time about what happened,* said civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, who also viewed the footage. *The video was very difficult to watch. Itís one of those videos like George Floyd and even Ahmaud Arbery where itís just so graphic.*

    The video, which police have refused to release publicly, only added to persistent questions about Greeneís death, such as why State Police initially blamed it on a car crash and why they waited more than a year to discipline one of the responding officers. Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth died in a single-car crash last month just hours after learning he had been fired over his role in the incident.

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    Sheeeeit! NFAC gon beez right back.
    Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    So, they fired the trooper involved? And he crashed his car and died a few hours later? All this, a year after the incident? Was trooper Hollingsworth the only one disciplined?
    Did it really take them a year to investigate and come to a conclusion? It doesnít take a conspiracy theorist to smell a fish in the patsy... I mean pantry.
    Something not quite right at troop G. Or M or Q... one of those.

    Iíve worked with LA state police crime lab a few times over the years and their investigators are very thorough and methodical in their investigations. Generally when a law enforcement agency says theyíre calling in the State police people expect there will be expedient and accurate results. I have no reason to believe investigating their own would be done any differently. Wonder what gives?

    Edit: one article says Hollingsworth was place on administrative leave, and a description of another article says he was fired. Not sure what is factual.
    Whatever the case, Iím thinking it wouldnít be such a bad deal for that video to get lost.
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    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    Wonít be any major protesting, rioting or least nine that will be reported in the MSM....thatís making Bidenís numbers go down.

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    On Target

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueShamu View Post
    Won’t be any major protesting, rioting or least nine that will be reported in the MSM....that’s making Biden’s numbers go down.

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    100% agree. Same as the armed protest in Lafayette with all of the NDs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horrible View Post
    100% agree. Same as the armed protest in Lafayette with all of the NDs.
    ...yeah, if you knew about the NDís in Lafayette, it was only because you found out on socialist media.

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