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    Yeah, I was wondering when that thread would expose itself.
    USPSA #A74215

    Sarcasm. Just another fine service I offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noob View Post
    I feel the gen 2 mags are always 10 for 100 just about with every sale. I've stocked up on so many over the years.
    PSA routinely has pmags 10 for a $103 with free shipping. It just ended like maybe a week ago. Mag must have 1000 of them in the attic Pmags, like little alien seed pods multiplying in his attic.

    Mag, that story is still funny 2 years later. porn mags in the attic.
    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana

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    Thank you Mag!! Order placed.....

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MillYak View Post
    Thank you Mag!! Order placed.....
    Awesome. More out there the better.
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    I bought mine from the old onwers of Botach they were 120 for 10 Gen3

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