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Thread: 11" MacBook Air

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    11" MacBook Air

    Great condition 11" MacBook Air available. Works perfectly and the size is incredible for portability. It also runs great docked into a large monitor for "home base" operations.

    120gb solid state drive, 1.7HGz Intel Core i5 processor, 4gb RAM, Intel HD graphics, backlit keyboard. Minty fresh installation of MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 with Siri.

    Comes with: neoprene travel sleeve and two OEM wall chargers -- these are the MagSafe chargers that charge via magnets so you don't send your laptop flying if you trip on the cord (one needs a little adapter that I've never even opened).

    Physical condition is great, with two small exceptions: 1) There's a small dent on the front left of the machine, induced the first f***ing day I got it. Cosmetic only, nothing related to function. 2) The primary wall charger has some wear around the plug, which I put some electrical tape over. Works perfectly, just not aesthetically 100%.

    Trade value $675.

    I'm open to trade ideas for anything other than shotguns. Will add cash or extras for something higher value if that's what comes up.

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    "Trade me" Tuesday

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