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    Got me a new shooting buddy today!

    My first grandson arrived today! Cant wait to correct him on his handgun grip and watch him scour the ground for spent brass!
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    Congratulations! That’s a cute tiny little human!
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    Congratulations! What a wonderful event! He will have great shooting coach.

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    Congrats !

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    I have 2 myself(boy that sounds like Iím old).

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    Congratulations teach him well & proper safety around firearms.

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    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana

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    Congrats. Handsome fellow!!

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    Congratulations! I have two and when they visit from Ohio the first thing they want to do is go shooting
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    Congrats man! enjoy the first couple weeks while you can.... Because before you know it, he will be awake more than he's asleep.

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