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    Were the Whitmer Kidnapping Suspects Entrapped?

    So it sounds like one of the defense attorneys is suggesting that an FBI informant infiltrated the group and may have been the one to suggest kidnapping Governor Whitmer.

    "(I)t's become an issue in certain cases where the informant pushes some of the information, and the court and the government and the defense attorneys have to be leery of that," Springstead told reporters. "Because their job is not to assess what the government informant wants them to do, it's to assess the accused's intent and what they actually planned on doing."

    Defense lawyers contend that there was no probable cause to arrest and charge the suspects, arguing, among other things, that the suspects had no operational plan to do anything, were engaged in all legal activities including talking in encrypted group chats and practicing military exercises with lawfully owned guns and that it was the informants and undercover agents who "pushed" others to do illegal things.

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    On one hand I think the accused will say anything to free themselves. On the other I was halfway paying attention for the last 4 years of the Russia hoax.

    Are any of these goobers a HVT?

    But I’m kind of surprised there was ever an informant involved. It just seems like a big investment to infiltrate one of these silly Militia type groups.

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