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    Quote Originally Posted by thperez1972 View Post
    And apparently the 'range' is open on the weekends as well.
    Just wait til 4 or 5 Nov.

    It's weapons free in NO every weekend.
    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_ View Post
    Just wait til 4 or 5 Nov.

    It's weapons free in NO every weekend.
    Oh, I know that. I was a "range officer" there for a while. Never a dull moment.

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    A NO weekend: a quick search @ revealed two dead, four shot. And I ventured into NO early Sunday morn to check a couple gravesites, and cruise the lakefront and City Park. Limbs and sh*t everywhere, Harrison Blvd between Canal and Marconi was still without power, all the shops, grocery store, bars, and restaurants. Robert E Lee Blvd sure has changed in just 2 or 3 years, saw two cars on blocks in the yards missing wheels. It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday.

    And lets not forget the NOPD officer who was shot in the face Friday afternoon in a drive by by a friendly BLM guy in a three wheeled rickshaw taxi in the Quarter.
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    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVE_M View Post
    Call me pessimistic, but...

    Another range is great. Another store is great.

    However, it's likely going to be another Bass Pro type range.
    I hate Bass Pro's range! Too many rules and pistols only.

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    Honey Island Range Ofcr.

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    Yall come on out to Honey Island Range in Pearl River. Yes, it's a little bit of a ride from BR - 1.5 hours from the 10/12 split - but if you're looking for a nice outdoor range with plenty of room that's open to any firearm not on it's own wheels I think yall would like it. Only $6 to enter and you can stay all day if you want. Hell you can even go get lunch in Slidell and come back later and still only pay $6 all day. Bring your guns, ammo and paper targets. We provide the rest. We even have paper targets if you forget your own, 2 for $1.

    We'd be glad to have yall... if you want more info

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    Gander Mountain is very much alive , but being merged into a new company with Overtons.

    The owner is Mark Lemonis and is known for investing in failing businesses and turning them around while leaving the primary owner in place and turning them into successful millionaires but they work hard to keep what they started. He has a TV show called the Profit.

    Hes the only Billionaire Ive ever met and seemed really genuine, but serious about business. I bought him a beer and it really threw him off. Haha

    This wasnt long ago in the LFT location while reopening after temporarily halting construction during the pandemic. I learned a few days later that none of his employees were laid off and kept getting paid while working through his other companies from their home.

    "...Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until they open their mouth and you hear them speak"...

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