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    Palo Alto Last Chance EIC Matches

    Our Palo Alto R&P Club Last Chance EIC Rifle Match is scheduled on Sunday, November 22, barring another hurricane.

    When this match is complete we will move to the pistol range for Service Pistol and 22 RF Pistol EIC matches. These pistol EIC matches will be attended mostly by riflemen. A good pistolaro will likely get points with little better than the minimum qualifying score.

    On Saturday, November 21 we will have our monthly 80-shot regional course match for everyone to get good sight zeros.
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    On Target

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    Looking forward to being there!!

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    what time does the precision f class match start tomorrow?

    thanks for any input

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    On Target

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    Looking like beautiful weather for the match this weekend!!

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    Don't Ban Me Bro

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    If someone needs to borrow a .22 or Service Pistol, contact me. Shooting stuff is fun.

    High Power Service Rifle - High Master
    Conventional Pistol - Expert
    US Navy Marksmanship Team - Distinguished Marksman - Distinguished Pistol Shot

    Join the Louisiana Shooting Association today! Use me as a reference.

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