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Thread: 92X QC Issue

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    92X QC Issue

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    Recently picked up a 2020 92X Centurion and the barrel / slide fit is severely misaligned . This is the Tennessee manufactured line of pistols. All research points toward QC being pretty bad. I havenít shot it yet, but just the optics of this thing is bugging the crap outta me. Live with it or contact Beretta ?

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    I'd send it back....or post it on here with a 25% mark-up like normal members,lol send it back or better yet send a picture to the company with a brief explanation
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    Call for a prepaid call tag and send it back ASAP!

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    Yep. Call, fill them in and offer to send pics, ask for shipping label and send it back. That one should never have left the factory.
    They call that a factory defect.
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    Oh boy, I hope that Beretta isn't starting to slip.

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    Waiting on the follow up to this thread. Let us know what happens Fed!
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