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    ask siri how hold is the president...its already taking place lol

    ask siri how old is the president and you will get the real truth

    well it aint doing it no more lol, was saying Kamala Devi Harris and giving her birth date lol, they sure fixed that quick
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    this is what it was doing for me, at least some people got proof lol
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    Still working on my wifes phone.

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    And software engineers have never been know to troll people. Take a breath people the conspiracy was merely voter fraud. No one is going to take it serious if every swinging dick on our side of the isle is finding boogymen behind every odd thing that pops up. Let’s be serious for just a little while so that we don’t give the lying media any extra ammunition.

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    Bi-den is you're president.
    Cause the media said so,They wouldn't put it out if it wasn't true.
    "When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our's Today"

    Voting is the responsibility of a citizen, even if voting may not necessarily be obligatory. To not vote seems to me to be an abrogation of one's responsibility as a citizen, regardless of one's politics.

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    All Siri does is use search results. Search results can be manipulated by trolls.

    Large social media websites like 4Chan, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, etc will have threads where a lot of people (tens of thousands) manipulate search result data to troll. In 2016, the_donald on Reddit were able to get Trump to pull up in results when searching for "45th President" and that was before the election. has some info on it.

    This forum has enough members to do it if you guys want. Here's how - Go to town. Just don't let random trolls use technology to mislead you.

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