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    Anyone within an hour of Nola need a bigger safe?

    Do you have a 24-ish gun safe and want something bigger?

    Tractor Supply Co is having a Black Friday sale on a Cannon 36-gun safe (see ad here). It's 57"h x 30"w and that's a smokin' deal but too big for me -- I've got a specific little closet I'm wanting to slide this into.

    I've been waiting for months for their ad to pop hoping they'd have an 18- to 24-gun safe (closer to 20" wide) but alas here we are.

    Here's my proposal: If you want to upgrade to this 36-gunner for $299, I'll buy your current one off you for $200-250 or whatever you think is fair. So you get to upgrade to a brand new safe for less than a hundred bucks.

    Their sale starts on Nov 24th so let's make our plan before then. I'm in Nola but will drive up to an hour to do this thing.
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    If mine wasn’t bolted to the floor I’d consider it.

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    Found one!

    Sharing it here just in case anyone else is on the hunt for something similar. Sports Afield 18-gunner at Sam's Club $349 with free shipping ($367 after tax):

    Admittedly it's a little smaller than I was hoping for (story of my life) but it'll last me a few years. And just to pre-empt the predictable commentary I'm 100% aware this is a "budget" safe that's not "just as good" as a Liberty safe; this is what I was shopping for.

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