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    Nephews from NYC with their First Hog Kills

    Just a proud uncle moment....took our two nephews from NYC out to the camp to try and put them on some animals. The older one shot his first deer two years ago. The younger one had trouble finding them in the scope, last year. A year older and a year wiser, both got to dirt nap a hog. Only saw flat heads in the deer department, this trip. One video below is the older nephew putting the smack on a hog with my AR-10 in .308 Win. Other is the younger nephew with his dad after having shot his hog with a Ruger American in 6.5 Creedmoor.
    Patrick shooting his hog:

    Gavin’s post shot “interview:”

    Patrick with his hog:

    Gavin with his hog:

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    That's awesome! What a great Thanksgiving weekend activity. Thanks for sharing.
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    Oooh boy, Some big nasty tuskers Congrats !!!
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    Thanks, Guys!

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    They are lucky to have such a great Uncle.
    cheers big ears ��

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    Sara mo ki kara ochiru

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    Ready, Shoot, Aim!

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    Very nice!!

    flat heads -- yeah, I laughed!!

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    Good stuff right there!!!!

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    Making memories they never will forget. Kids need more uncles like you.

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    Don’t troll me bro!

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    The little guy in yellow doesn’t look like he can reach the trigger on that Ruger. Nice pigs for sure!
    Doesn’t play well with TROLLS...

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