B&T Wins Sao Paulo Brazil Contract with APC40PRO Model

The State Military Police officers are technically considered military personnel, but perform the usual community policing, patrol, and traffic enforcement that city police often perform. The force is organized in a military fashion; divided into a series of battalions. Its more than 100,000 personnel are spread throughout the state, as well as the 40 cities and towns within the Greater Sao Paulo region.

If you’re familiar with the APC9 PRO, the features of the APC40 PRO will be no shocker. The APC40 PRO uses a hydraulic buffer system to reduce muzzle rise. The gun uses auto-folding, non-reciprocating and ambidextrous charging handles. The lower receiver includes a side positioned bolt hold open. Magpul M-LOK accessory slots are located on the forend for the attachment of accessories. The APC40 PRO is also equipped to accommodate Glock magazines, which as the press release states, is for commonality with the Sao Paulo Military Police’s recently adopted Glock pistols.

An added note from me: Having been there many times and seen these men walking the streets I can tell you they are All Business while on duty.