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    Gonzales Gun Show, Any body went?

    Just curious if anyone went to the Gonzales gun show and if they had anything worth taking a trip there for. I was gonna go trade some LP primers if it was worth it.
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    Is it over? Still going on today?

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    I remember it use to be a great place to get get good deals on parts. The past 4-5 years has been over priced, WAY over priced. I haven't gone lately I can only imagine what it's like now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwsonar View Post
    Is it over? Still going on today?

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    Gonzales Gun Show, Any body went?

    I went just to see what the crazy pricing would be. Donít come at me ...... I believe in the free market! Iím just reporting what I saw.
    Basically target 9mm $1 rd period 500 rd boxes of Winchester white box $500
    Saw PMC 556 $1250 for 1k rds.
    AGAIN I support the free market.
    Iím just glad I have ammo.

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