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    REDUCED : 2008 Trailblazer - runs but needs work

    Greetings all,

    Offered for sale or trade is one used 2008 Chevy Trailblazer that needs some work.I bought it from a coworker a few years back and it was her mom's car before that. I drove it for a while and it developed some issues. I was keeping it to fix it up, but I ended up with a newer used car and now my father got a newer used truck so this one is looking for a new home. Has the Vortec 4200 6 cylinder and 137,434 miles on it.

    The Good: cranks right up and runs (rough), a/c blows cold, body and interior are quite presentable (interior needs a good cleaning), all power windows and locks work.

    The Bad: the exhaust manifold is cracked, the fuel tank / filler is cracked, there is probably some timing issue because it clatters when cranked and then lopes as it idles. I have driven it once a month around the yard to keep everything lubricated and conditioned, but I would not plan on driving it home. The tires are at best fair, and one of them is downright lousy. Does not have a plate nor an inspection sticker. Would not pass inspection last time that I tried. It failed the evaporative system test since the gas tank would not pressure up due to the cracks.

    Asking $1800 OBO and would discuss trades on (in no particular order, and yes I know some are very wishful thinking, but you never know...) :

    - H&R / NEF Handi Rifle in .22 rimfire, .45 colt or .30-06
    - Ruger No 1 in .30-06 or .35 Whelen
    - CZ 527 Carbine in . 7.62x39 (maybe 223)
    - S&W M&P 15/22 22 LR carbine or pistol
    - Rossi 92 in .357 mag or 45 colt, particularly a Triple Black
    - Savage 99 in .308
    - 20 gauge double barrel with short barrels

    - Ruger Single Seven Sheriffs' Model / birdshead in .327 magnum
    - Ruger Vaquero Sheriffs' Model in .44 special (not birdshead)
    - Ruger GP 100 .357 mag Wiley Clapp, 10mm or new 2.5" snub
    - Ruger Mk IV paklite or tactical model 22 pistol
    - Sig 220 in .38 Super or .30 Luger
    - Colt Police Positive Special in .32 New Police/ S&W long or.32-20, not .32 Colt (must be in working order with good timing and lockup)
    - S&W Military and Police .32-20 with 4-6" barrel, round butt preferred (must be in working order with good timing and lockup)
    - S&W 12 Airweight.38 spl, 2" round butt preferred
    - S&W 632, 331, 332, 431pd in .32 magnum
    - S&W 640, 642 or 940 Centennials with 3" barrel
    - S&W Airlight / Scandium revolvers, particularly a 315 or 386
    - Other Interesting S&w / Colt / Ruger revolvers with 2-3" barrels in .22, .32, .38, .357, .44 and .45
    - Browning / FN Alloy frame light weight Hi Power
    - Browning Micro Buckmark
    - FM Detective Hi Power
    - User grade Walther / Interarms PPK, preferably in .32, but would consider .380. Would only be interest in a PPK/s if it is a .32 acp. * A modern S&W made lightweight PPK in .32 acp would be ideal.*
    - Seecamps auto in .25 acp (maybe .32 acp)
    - CZ 45 .25 acp (ww2 vintage dao hammer fired model)
    - Rossi 92 Mare's Leg in .357 or .44, maybe .45 colt

    - Nicer hunting scopes, particularly 30mm tubes, in low to moderate modification (1-5, 1.5-6, 3-9, etc) higher end stuff Leupold, Meopta, Steiner, Zeiss, etc. (no bushnell, simmons, tasco, etc)
    - Higher end red dot sights suitable for rough hunting or defensive use
    - a gasoline powered generator

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    BUMP! Price reduced to $2000.

    Willing to entertain offers on other items. If anybody has a tire / automotive shop, I would also be VERY interested in trading for repairs and new(er) tires for my 2002 C1500.

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    BUMP! Price reduced to $1900. Would also be interested in a gasoline generator in trade also.

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    Bump with more trade options and reduced to $1800

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    Bump with more trade options and reduced to $1700

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