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    If you use a pallet jack, you will need to put plywood down so you donít destroy you flooring. Iíve done the golf ball trick twice and it worked for me. Itís why I keep a 5-gallon bucket of golf balls at the house.


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    sections of 3/4 to 1" pvc pipe if its flat or you only need to go over a threshold, if they are clean you wont damage any floors. Metal pipes is how I move around big machine tools weighing tons and it works very well. Golf balls I hear work, but idk about damage to flooring.
    If you have to go up stairs find a set of rool a lifts for rent from a tool rental place. Using them wth some blocks and time you can walk a safe up stairs.
    FYI ive done pretty good with a regular old rubber tired dolly, sheets of Luan, and a couple good sized friends
    I'm just a Redneck with too many guns.

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    I have moved a few and learned a little doing so.
    I have had good luck with the pallet jack but also learned not to try to stand up the safe when transporting it in a truck or trailer. Lay it down on its side. Use shipping blankets to protect the safe + it will slide easier while loading and unload.

    To protect your floors, using the pallet jack, plywood would help. You can use two pieces and move one in front of the other as you roll the pallet jack along. Buy one 4' x 8' sheet and rip it. Two sheets 2' x 8' should be all you need.
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    Don't watch the movers when they do the job . Make sure they know they will pay for any and all damages , tell them to be careful and then go in the backyard or somewhere you can't see them and let them do their thing ... Go have a beer or two ... just don't watch the goings on . Keep telling yourself ... they are pro's and do this every day... everything will be just fine ... repeat that as necessary .

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    Could also rent some Hillman rollers. Have used them and pallet jacks before with plywood on the floor.

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