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    Or WTT Polytech AK47 56S-2 Red Bakelite (rare)

    before I posted on Gunbroker, thought I would see if anyone in the area might want this one.

    Here is an extremely rare Polytech and one of the most desired Polytech in the US.
    while I love this rifle, I have never shot it nor does it fit into what I primarily collect.
    so time for it to be “re-homed”.
    All serial numbers match, I have owners manual and a Polytech box (no styrofoam filler). It will come with one Bakelite mag and 2 black “made in China” magazines.
    the rifle presents as new but it does have a very few rounds through it based on bolt face.
    my “re-homing” fee is $4000.....sorry if you spit your coffee out but this is considered to be the “Holy Grail” of Polytechs by some collectors.
    I don’t mind trading but realize that you must dig deep in the safe to get it and it should be rare, hard to find, historical or worth same.
    I would consider partial trade/cash.
    sorry for long read but this one warrants it.
    I am in Kentwood and will meet at an agreed upon location.
    you can text me at (22five) 2zero2-9zero51 for more pictures and any questions.
    I will leave it on here for a few days before closing this ad and moving to Gunbroker.
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