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    Low performance driver
    Great way to start off with a new car.
    He'll kitty watered right off the lot.
    And killed an SRT JEEP

    Then we have the Dodge TRX jumper. I think the buy in on them are 93K.
    If you look bent frame as the bed is twisted. Skip to 10 min in.

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    My brother in law has a Hellcat. Has a tune, pulley, solid driveshaft, thermostat, and drag radials. It’s one bad Mo Fo. But it’s still a 850HP Dodge. Lol
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    Probably about 30 years ago, a guy bought a new Corvette at Trapp Chevrolet. Left the lot, went about three miles up the road, hit a power pole and killed himself.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh yeah, just a tailgate rear glass and skid plate....way more damage.

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    I raced circle track dirt tract cars with 400HP. You learn car control with that much power on dirt. The only reason more don't kill themselves with 600 -800 HP street cars is traction control and active handling but it can only do so much, it can't fix hold my beer and watch this fools. These cars can perform way beyond the capabilities of most drivers.
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    Still my all time favorite

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    Censored by "them"

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    Don’t troll me bro!

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    Guy with the TRX will likely be looking for another auto insurance company to write a policy on anything he drives once his current company sees that ass-hattery. I’ve heard of at least 2 cases where that’s happened when idiots posted vids of themselves like this.
    Doesn’t play well with TROLLS...

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    I'm lucky I was born poor. Y'all would have been watching me tear up expensive toys my dad bought. Just being honest.

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    These YouTube millionaires don’t give two farts about these things. They’re for generating views and drawing advertising money. YT algorithms pay out about $7000 per million views. As viewer interaction goes up, so does the comp rate. Folks who 2 years ago were working out of their parents’ 2-car garage now own 3-digit acreage, commercial properties, over a mil in vehicles, and one limited production ridiculously expensive car is -whatever- to them. One I can think of went from walking dealer lots to show how a 6’7” guy fits in various models to owning a loft in LA, a mclaren, a Ram rebel, a hellcat, giving away motorcycles every couple months, and showing off how he fits in NBA and NFL players’ highly customized Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry J View Post
    Probably about 30 years ago, a guy bought a new Corvette at Trapp Chevrolet. Left the lot, went about three miles up the road, hit a power pole and killed himself.
    There are worse ways to die.

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