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    Passed General with 35/35. Tried for Extra, no study, and got 30 right. Will probably take it again in March.

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    Congrats on passing the General Class and also congrats on attempting the Extra Class ticket. Which gave you a taste of what to expect. ..Now since you have been in the study mode do not stop but keep after the studying and get after that Extra Ticket. And yes I know that I need to get off my backside and start studying again for the Extra ticket Because of the study guides and sample testing available today makes it a lot easier than when I got my 1st ticket . ................................ de..KL7JIU..aka.. drill sgt.

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    swampfoxx Congratulations on your upgrade. I was kind of in your area today and yesterday. Had to go to Slidell both days from the BR area. Had to talk to ole drill Sgt on the radio
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    I use this:

    I usually start by going through the Question Pool and checking Highlight Answers to get them burned into my head. Then I use the Flash Cards for several hours, then take the practice test. You can take the test as many times as you want and it is different every time. I also use this:

    If you sign in, it will keep track of what you miss and recommend areas of study.

    My question is, where do I go next? Base? Mobile? Single band radio? Dual band? Tri band? Recommendations are appreciated.

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    About to pull the trigger on a ic 7300, i have a less than a month old ic ic 718 i wont need.

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    Sportsman 'N' Paradise

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