I know this isn't strictly about shotguns, but this seemed like the most relevant category to post this in.

I'm thinking about investing in either the Atlas Patriot or the Atlas AT-50 clay thrower, along with the receiver hitch mount so I could use it on the back of my pickup truck. The thrower, hitch mount, foot pedal and shipping would come to $874 for the Patriot or $1,074 for the AT-50.

I'm generally a "buy once, cry once" kind of guy, so I don't mind spending the money on a quality product. That said, I'm curious to find out what experiences people here have had with Atlas—and specifically, with mounting the thrower on a receiver hitch platform. Any hidden "gotchas" or other considerations that I haven't thought of?

Of course, any thoughts about the Patriot vs the AT-50 would also be welcomed.