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    I hope they at least garnish any future wages to pay for this. Also I would be nice if they served some time.

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    I'd call those two NOPD officers "the 'c' word" but they obviously lack the depth and the warmth. What a bunch of slime buckets! The sad part is, in today's society, they probably have no inner sense of shame over this, and their family and friends will mostly console them for losing their job and defend them as "not having hurt anyone" and "just taking the government's money."

    There was a recent arrest nearby where a reserve or guard member was shoplifting while in uniform. I know what kind of Hell that would have brought down on someone in my unit, I just hope there's enough organizational pride left in their units that some stern adjustments are meted out on that end.

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    Look at picture 7. It appears Chantelle Davis and Lynea Sanders may be sisters.

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    tactical hangover

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    would like to see them lose commission and serve time.. I doubt any of that will occur. they will pea down to theft by deception and agree to pay it back and nothing will be on record.
    there IS a new DA there however so maybe if it hits state court instead of military it might still be something real..
    I doubt it..

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    if convicted of the felony theft, both officers should be terminated from employment. i am a little upset both both were mentioned as police officers. neither are accused of anything related to their performance of their duties as police officers, but still prominently listed as police. this article should have been listed as seven army reservists committed the theft, rather than NOPD officers. as a veteran of the army and a retired NOPD sergeant, to say i am displeased is an understatement, but this should not have been a smear hit piece on law enforcement...

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