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    ammo in stock normal prices Houma Academy

    buddy just sent me a message the academy in Houma... im no where near it but figured i would passs it on

    limit 3 boxs/cases

    25+ steel case 500 round 223
    15+ steel case 500 round 9mm
    40+ brass 50 round 9mm
    25+ 555 round pacs .22
    15+ brass 45acp 50 rounds
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    Will all be gone within the

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    idk he said the lady said they got it at 9 am... and people been steady grabbing and theres alot left... she said they havent gotten a shipment like that since last feb.... so maybe they gonna hit all the academys in a few days with a big shipment

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    he said he got 1500 rounds (3 cases) 223 steel case for $510.... .34cpr deff not bad for the current times... still more than i would like to see though

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    I'm happy to hear any positive news at the moment....

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    Ive been able to find .308 and 9mm at most academy's in the NOLA area

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    M855 was $95 for 200 rounds two weeks ago now it’s $110. Round and round no telling where she’s gonna stop.
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    I got there at 2:30. Plenty of 12 gauge and Steel Monarch 7.62x39 left. All 9mm, .223, .308, and .22lr/mag gone. I got the last 2 boxes of 100 round wwb .45acp for $80. Still not that happy with that price.

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    If he was a good buddy he would have found a way to score you some.......

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    Damn the bad luck, Just when I was getting ready to post some ammo for sale and break it off in someone's heehaw with no KY

    Just like some here.....
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