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    The past couple years the physical life I've lived has started to take it's toll. Been trying to stretch often for a while and a couple months ago the woman finally talked me into trying yoga. And I'm ashamed to say I'm doing it almost every day now and it's working well. I don't go for the meditation part of it and I'm done in 25 minutes doing it at home....I just dive right into the meat and potato's of it. Kinda embarrassing but things hurt less and I sleep better now.
    Me and a bud of mine were going to this neighborhood church 2x a week and doing yoga with the old gals (a few young ones too) and it felt weird at 1st until we realized the poses she was showing us she could made us tremble like scared puppies. Nothing but core strength and realizing we had very little underneath 6'2" 200lb 50 something frames. Covid killed the yoga classes and I've fallen back into sloth and the aggravating aches and pains that come with eating, sleeping, working, repeating -added about 10-12lbs of gut fat to the party. The meditation part is likely the most important exercise of all -allowing our only spiritual organ to get quiet and tune into God's plan for each of us. I've meditated a few times with a guide and literally felt the presence of my grandmother, a very spiritually fit woman that practically raised me. Anyone that scoffs at yoga, meditation or God is only drowning in their own arrogance. Your post inspired me, hopefully to make some changes and get my ass on the mat, again. Don't be embarrassed of taking the road less traveled brother. Godspeed.

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    I lost 40lb since Corona virus hit. Been working from home since last March. Normally I would go out to eat three meals day. Now that I am at home I am too lazy to fix food so I only eat once a day and it is usually grilled chicken.

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    Yep. Injured my lower back and have been out of service for two months. Back up the mountain we go...

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