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    Yes it is open to everyone. Bring a friend !! Lt. Brooks is an entertaining and knowledgeable Instructor. You will enjoy the class. He will give you all the paperwork you need to apply and quickly receive your CCL. I would suggest getting it done if you have ever considered it. No telling what the current Administration has planned for gun owners and the 2A. Plenty of rumors, nothing sounds good.

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    Is there a rifle range and if so what distance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireitup View Post
    Is there a rifle range and if so what distance?
    Yes, the rifle range is 100 yards. There are 5 concrete benches to shoot from, and the shooting positions are covered. Range (distance) markers every 25 yards to 100. We do have a spotting scope, and a sled (cradle) if you prefer not to use our sandbags.

    fireitup, I see you are in New Orleans. Our Range is open only to St. James Parish residents. If you are out this way, Nick's shooting Range in Garyville on Hwy 61 is open to the public for a nominal fee. He too has a 100 yard range with concrete shooting benches. He used to be closed on Tuesdays (the local Sheriff's Office used to use it for qualifications on Tuesdays). Give him a call to see what his hours are now. (985) 535-8161
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    Our next Concealed Carry Class is Saturday April 24th. Starts at 12:00 (lasts about 4 hours). No pre-registration required, just show up with your handgun, 36 rounds of ammo, and $100 (cash only). If you need further info, contact Lt. Keith Brooks at 225-562-2571 8am-4pm

    Once again, open to everyone over 21, regardless of Parish of residence.
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