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    My po baby dindu nufin.
    My name is Jim, but people call me .......... Jim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noob View Post
    And this is how all the damn riots happen. False damn narratives by people that weren’t even there. I hope the video shows the true nature of her *good son* and lets her know he is directly responsible for those deaths and his own....
    Facts don't matter when the narrative is burned in your brain unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtrice View Post
    I drive by there often and have stopped in, but haven't gone in a few months, so I don't know anyone there. Has anyone posted or reported the chain of events? Are there any known or suspected motives?

    Did store policy play a role in what happened?
    Itís been years since Iíve been to Jefferson Gun Outlet, so I donít know what their policies are or if they were adhered to, but from what I am reading they have the same hard and fast rule as any gun shopóóif you are carrying a loaded gun in a holster, thatís fine, but donít touch it. At all. For any reason.

    Dude came in holding a loaded gun and was told to go outside and clear it. I have no idea if the staff was nice about it, but I can tell you Iím not. In fact if someone walks in with a loaded gun they usually get told to leave and donít come back until they have gotten some training.

    Will this cause some gun stores to change their policies? Sure. Those things should always be evolving. But most shops actively work to prevent these issues.

    We are a specialty NFA shop that works by appointment only, we have 4K cameras all around our building and catch every plate that goes up and down our street. We are watching people on camera from a half block away all the way until they pull in and walk up. If you get out of your car with a gun that isnít cased we immediately know about it.

    Gretna Gunworks screens people at the door.

    Anthony is always watching folks as they come into the front door of Pugliaís.

    And obviously the staff at Jefferson Gun Outlet spotted this dude the second he walked through the door and called him out.

    Usually people that violate policy are stupid, not malicious. But stupidity can be deadly too.

    I only think I met the clerk who was murdered a few times but remember him being a nice guy who really loved being in the industry. He did the things he was supposed to do but the bad guy won. That happens sometimes.

    Gun shop customers moving forward need to be aware of how this impacts the mindset of the folks in the gun shop. Clerks will be on edge and rightfully so. A few very simple tips for an enjoyable and safe gun shop visit.

    1) Carry guns should never be touched in a gun shop. Donít unholster, donít even rest your hand on the gun.

    2) All guns that may be handled during the course of the visit should be completely unloaded and cased prior to leaving your vehicle with the weapon.

    3) Prior to removing a gun from a case in a gun shop, ask permission from the staff. They may want to to remove the gun from the case themselves and check it as clear prior to you handling it inside the store.

    4) Relax. Move slowly. Wait your turn and ask for permission before touching any firearm.

    5) Never muzzle sweep anyone with any firearm, even an ďunloadedĒ one.

    6) Itís OK to enjoy your time at a gun shop but horseplay or pointing guns at your buddies or big talk about how tough the gun you are hold into makes you is just stupid. Donít do it.

    I donít know what any of this means for Jefferson Gun Outlet or the industry as a whole, but itís not good. This event has literally made international news and the timing couldnít be worse. From both a litigation (Iím an attorney by profession) and legislative perspective, this is a total nightmare for the shop and the industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gator 45/70 View Post
    What? Who cares about the godless heathen shooter or his spawn, You know these deranged animals don't think normal compared to the general population.

    Pray for the innocents, Poor SOB wakes up to go to work and then gets shot all to hell because Mr Ken ain't-a-going follow no rules.
    I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. I am just as enraged as I am sad for the loss of good people. I condemn people that lack the decency and respect for the world we live in. I will never understand the logic of it's okay to harm someone because you feel differently about something, abhorrent behavior.

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    If anyone does find about any type of funding campaign for Noahís funeral or family, please post a link here on BS. Noah was a super nice guy and always displayed a positive attitude every time I was around him. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

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    I’ve always been comfortable in JGO and how they handle safety.
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    The owners of Jefferson Gun created a GofundMe:

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    Damn hard headed street thugs... and of course mama says he was a angel/family man... just sucks that the other 2 individuals perished in it...
    If you are so proud of where you're from that you fly your flag everywhere, please go back there. Your flag offends me! American lives Matter!

    Support LEO........
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    I didn't know his name, but he helped me pick one of my first handguns. He did his duty and paid with his life. This is so sad--and angering.
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