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    Shooting at Jefferson Gun

    I posted this in "shooting ranges" too. I don't have a news feed yet but a short while ago there was a shooting at the Jefferson Gun Outlet. My co worker drove past and saw about 30 police units, an ambulance with escort leaving and a dead person on the ground.
    I'll keep looking for a news feed but anyone please submit before me if found.

    Found this only.
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    AustinBR here - I've added a separate thread with links to a GoFundMe setup. I urge everyone to visit and consider contributing, if possible.

    Additionally, on the first few pages we initially edited out the names/details of the victims. This was due to information spreading faster on the internet than to members of the deceased's families, directly, and we wanted to minimize this.

    One final point: At no time will we tolerate any comments regarding race. We live in a shitty world, let's do our part to better it and choose our words wisely.

    Here is the press release from 2/22/2021:
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    At least one of the employees is dead I heard

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    Damn it.....
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    A friend of mine used to work there, he was there this morning. I was talking with him earlier but he was so upset I couldn't understand everything he was telling me. He mentioned a couple of names of two of the fatalities, I am friends with several JP deputies so I'll probably find out more later. I was just told the shooter is dead, no name though.
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    This is way worse than I thought, so sad.

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    I’m expecting this to make it to national news and end up being a political disaster. Especially now with Biden in office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noob View Post
    At least one of the employees is dead I heard
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