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    Anyone Training this Weekend

    Anyone else shooting Gunfighter I & II this weekend? You donít need to blaze through large crazy round numbers right now but getting in some quality trigger training is a must for me. Hell, it makes me want to really focus and make every round count. I have found myself competing more with myself than with others and it has really upped my game.

    Times are crazy and now more than ever, I feel the need to keep up my skills and continue to improve. Just wanted to throw that out there for those wanting some legit trigger time from a great instructor.

    Iíll be out there.
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    Advantage Group is giving a
    pistol 1 class on Saturday February 27
    Pistol 2 class Sunday February 28

    In Robert,La.
    Go to .com
    To for information and sign up etc.
    RO I & II



    South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association

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    I'd love to be training but can't afford to use the ammo.

    Maybe we need to start training with BB guns...
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    I want to check it out, but can't this weekend. Will follow up on their schedule.

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    Iíll be shooting a truckload of guns out in the wilderness all weekend starting Friday, so... Iíll just have to train another time. Iíve rationed my ammo for this weekend and only plan to shoot like two or three thousand rounds total. Mostly just what I have loaded in the mags Iím bringing.
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    I would like to take my son to one of the advantage group carbine 1 classes. The March class conflicts with a family vacation. The May one may conflict with the Mississippi Classic. We will get there at some point.

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    Have they released the MS Classic dates yet? Seems like they would have come up with something by now.

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    I've put off any classes till Q3 this year to take care of other things.

    Phobos has a scattergun class this weekend that I wish I was able to attend. I've been thinking of going to another AG class just to get some time in with others. I typically have the range to myself, so a class of any sort would be refreshing. What little range time I do get in this year is dedicated to shooting from concealment about 75% (or more) of the time.

    I wish I had copious quantities of ammunition to go shoot at trash, but it's not a priority for me.

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