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    Anyone travel state to state on a weekly/bi-weekly basis for their job? Need advice.

    Iím starting a new job that will require me to potentially travel from one state to another on a weekly or bi-weekly basis from job site to job site. A lot of these states are north and some north east. I will be gone from Louisiana for weeks and sometimes months at a time. Anyone do something similar?

    What are my options for bringing a couple of guns with me? Would like to atleast bring an AR and a pistol with me, is this possible even though I may be driving through hostile states. I know federally you can drive through a hostile state as long as your gun is unloaded and locked up but should I even risk it? Is it even worth it?

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    I would definitely check with each state. Going north Arkansas honors La. cc permit as does Mo. but Arkansas requires rifle to be unloaded and cased . Mo. law mirrors fed law and is very gun friendly with the exception of St. Louis .

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    Going north, Illinois is the NO GO state. Then going east of Illinois, anything past Pennsylvania is NO GO. Keep everything cased and unloaded unless you have a CHP and are in a reciprocal state.
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    While laws might be more relaxed for carrying a rifle around, that might make your more suspicious. Get a CHP, figure out which states owner it, and only carry a pistol there. Also while traveling, I would put it in a lock case, and find whatever gun range is nearby where you are staying. If asked, say, I am working this area, and on my days off, I want to practice shooting.

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    Seriously , I wouldn't bring anything that couldn't be replaced at a reasonable cost . Definitely research the gun laws of the states you will travel through . Some cities and counties have their own ways of doing things . Do your homework .
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    In some of the northeastern states, you can't stop if you are carrying a firearm. You can only pass through, or so I was told.

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