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    Biden considering trying to BAN weapons by EO

    Biden considers executive actions on guns, calls on Congress to pass weapons ban (

    Looks like Civil War 2 may start in our lifetime....
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    1911 cool-aid drinker

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    Civil war 2? If this happens 99% will turn their guns in while proudly wearing their mask

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    Quote Originally Posted by kz45 View Post
    Civil war 2? If this happens 99% will turn their guns in while proudly wearing their mask
    That sounds about right.

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    Cant the Supreme Court no go that?

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    you will be surprised how many people side with the assult ban after these shootings... sheep-people tend to put there rights aside and give them up for feelings... Look at the number of republicans who stood for the recount and fraud for electoral votes because they beleived a law was broken... after the situation at the capitol only a few still stood the others withdrew then name becuase they were upset about the riots... they let feelings get in the way of law and justice

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    the original Federal Assault Weapons Ban was passed with 52-48 vote... all they need is every democrate to vote in the us senate and with the vp vote they can do what they want... And if the Supreme Court knocks it down, he will do what he already said he would do... pack the court then run it thought again...

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    Four words to ponder for what’s to come to America. Ven Ez Ue La. it’s the blueprint we are following.
    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.


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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Haha, 99% will turn in their guns? Like New Zealand huh....
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    On Target

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    The original assault weapons ban didn't mandate buybacks/confiscation or criminalize ownership of items purchased pre-ban. Good odds we'll see another AWB within the next couple years; if Dems move to make law abiding citizens felons overnight, they'll have overplayed their hand and -- with luck -- will take major losses in upcoming elections. Assuming free and fair elections are still a thing.

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    Did you actually the read the article? The president *cannot* ban guns by executive order.

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