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    fill dirt for flower bed


    in the baton rouge area. where can i find bags real dirt, not a mixture of sand & compost. starting over with flower bed and have large holes from several large root balls in the old flower bed. went to several places claiming topsoil only to find a mixture of sand & compost. afraid a small dump truck load of dirt is not an option. any suggestions? thanks for any input.


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    Go to landscape depot on Airline Hwy headed out of BR. Got all kinds of soil.

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    Do you own a pickup ? You can buy soil by the yard .
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    I'm assuming he's not looking for the stuff like they sell at Clegg's - mostly river silt and mulch sold as garden soil. Yeah, it breaks down eventually and mostly works.

    I caught a sale at Lowes a while back for the off brand garden soil in 2 cubic foot bags at half price. Ordered 120 bags (2 pallets) delivered for not too much more than the same cost of bulk from Clegg's with me doing the hauling work. We were making a raised bed vegi garden and wanted good soil.

    As to who sells quality soil in bulk, I'm not sure. But I assume that's what the OP is looking to find.
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