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    Terrible start to the weekend...

    This happened at 1:15 pm on Friday. Headed back to the office after grabbing lunch when some idiot democrat pulled out without even looking.

    RIP Suburban. She has been very good to me and my family since 2004 and will be greatly missed.

    This was the first time Iíve ever been in an accident where airbags deployed. It was a bit unnerving, but I was unharmed, thank God.
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    You called Morris Bart?
    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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    Man I hate that happened to you. I hope no one was hurt and that you get fixed up by the other person's insurance.

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    nothing worse than totaling out a older paid for used vehicle that has tons of life left in it cause you maintained it well and then the ins only giving you $3000 for it, cant never find a replacment for what the ins gives you for it... Glad you made it out alright

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    Glad you're okay, Did you smell weed coming from the other vehicle ?
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    Good that everyone's ok. Suburbans make for good protection in a wreck. I was in a head on collision with a speeding drunk driver in a blind curve. Front end destroyed but no injuries.
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    Most importantly your alright. Secondly you are you going to miss the Suburban.
    I'm a pistol packing vegetarian. I believe in keeping my options open.

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    I would claim injury in order to put pressure on the other insurance company to pay out. Otherwise, they might not pay you at all.

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    Dealt with asshole drivers all day today. Glad you made it out safe though..

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    That sucks but most importantly I’m glad you made it out safe.

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