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    How about a Rock Island VR-80 Semi-Auto shotgun, based on the AR type platform. We get them in 12 & 20 gauge. We never had a problem with them and you can get 18 round mags for them. They come with flip up sights and are equipped with picatinny rails for mounting a red-dot. The stock is attached the same as any AR and you can swap them out to fit your style. They have many aftermarket parts available for these guns. Come by Louisiana Gun and we can show you one.

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    I love my ole reliable Winchester 1300 pump. I chopped the barrel to 18.5", added a collapsible stock, and a synthetic foreend. Reliable & lightweight. With the right training a pump is just as good and more reliable than a autoloader imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GearFondler View Post
    Shotgun shells are plastic and can start to deform if left loaded in a stacked magazine... Oval shells don't feed very well.
    The Soviets solved that issue with fully brass shells but I've never seen them for sale in the US.
    If you don't plan to leave the mags loaded this is not an issue.
    Either way though, the correct answer is 1301T.
    If you can find them in stock. You can reload them. These take a 10 guage wad

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    Not a fan of magazine fed shotguns really. Id only get one as a fun gun and I dont purchase guns solely for fun. Each has a POU purpose or roll it would fill. Only one that caught my eye was the Komard might want to look into that.

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