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    My latest aggravation is my Craftsman riding lawn mower. Last year the drive belt tensioner spring on the deck engage cable broke. Could not buy just the spring, had to buy the whole cable as the spring is built into it as a unit. Not available anywhere locally so I had to order it online. Got it replaced last year and while mowing for the first time this year, the deck belt decided to go south. Guess what? The belt was unavailbe anywhere locally and I had to order it online also. This weekend I installed the belt and proceeded to mow our yard. After getting about half of it done, the mower decided to quit moving regardless if foreward or reverse. After inspecting it, the final drive belt pulley tensioner spring had broken and the final drive belt was also needing to be replaced. Guess what? I had to order both of them online as none are available locally. The mower is only 3yrs old and it is a shame that the places that sell them do not stock any spare parts for them, especially replacement belts which to me is a common wear item.
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    Im putting a new roof on my house. I realize that I should have hired a pro. But now im 75% into the job and im totally committed so the aggravation is a learning experience. Next time get a pro to do the job.

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