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    Spare parts for AR platform

    If a man was looking to buy some spare parts for his AR, what parts would be best to buy? There probably will be many opinions which is great, so let me know what you think. I know itís a pretty reliable platform, but in in a nut shell Iím looking for the most common parts that would wear out or break. Thanks and I hope all of the Bayou Shooter community is doing well.

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    Spare parts:

    extractor (if shooting 7.62 or 6.5G especially)
    gas rings
    charging handle

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    Bolt charging group usually takes the most beating, Get parts to rebuild it.
    P-Mags, Just because.
    Charging handle
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    I keep a spare bolt, a spare BCG, spare gas rings, charging handles, a lower parts kit, lots of springs, pins, detents, extractors, etc. Just a few examples below.

    Chuckie says that he will push to outlaw all AR parts as well as the entire rifle. I have enough parts to assemble two entire rifles and keep them running for years. If you have not been acquiring parts and ammo since Trump took office, I fear that you are too late to the party.

    Good luck, as a lot of parts are out of stock and backordered.

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    After many years of experience with the AR15/M16 (golly, got my first M16 in 1968, got my first AR15 in 1974, how time flies), only parts that I've seemed to need extras of would be the extractor spring and firing pin retainer pin. And usually it's because they get lost during cleaning, rather than break. Nowdays I just keep a spare bolt and bolt carrier group on hand. Seems that spare gas rings would be sometimes needed, but I think it would take a lot of rounds downrange for that much wear.
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    Thanks for the reply’s, action taken.

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