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    CZ 457 22lr or Ruger American Target 22lr

    I have a Ruger American Target 22lr with a Leopold rimfire scope that I was offered to trade for a Single 10 that I have been wanting, but if I trade i want another bolt action 22 rifle and the only one I can find to my liking is a CZ 457 I would have to add a scope so I am looking at $800 or so but I would have a revolver also. Then again I can keep the Ruger and get a 9 shot Heritage for alot cheaper than the CZ. What would you do ?

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    CZ 457.

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    I love my CZ’s. (452/455)
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    I have an older CZ and a JW-15 (CZ copy) and a Ruger American. All nice bolt action .22’s. Accuracy is good in all 3 when you find the load they like. The old 452 is hard to beat.
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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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