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Thread: Fluoride Tank

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    Fluoride Tank

    Me: so there's the killer in the can (referring to the fluoride feed tank)
    Plant Manager: yeah it's a mind control solution is what the conspiracy people think
    Me: isn't it strange that in the USA there is only one drug that is administered to every man, woman, child, cat, dog and goldfish at the exact same dosage?
    Plant Manager: I never thought about it that way

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Tell me you don’t work for the water company...
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdump View Post
    Tell me you don’t work for the water company...
    I'm building an office for them.

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    Water comes straight from the Mighty Muddy Mississippi!
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    Not a Fed.

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    They don't put in in our water co. where I live
    The problems we face today are
    there because the people who work
    for a living are outnumbered by those
    who vote for a living.

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