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Thread: S&W 22A problem

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    S&W 22A problem

    Well, given the current state of guns in general this comes as no surprise to me, but here is my issue. I have a S&W 22A pistol. This pistol uses what S&W calls a recoil spacer, but in reality it is a recoil buffer. Either way, my gun recently started having issues. After a take down and inspection, my recoil spacer has sheered and failed. No problem right?... Wrong

    I go to the internet, and literally everyone is sold out. I called S&W and the customer service rep said "I don't know when we will have any in."

    So question is, can anyone point me to an instock of this part or, has anyone had any luck making their own? I was thinking about HDPE plastic and pressing it in a mold that id make. Thoughts? Or does anyone happen to have one that I could buy off them? Thanks

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    Order enough to make shipping worth it.

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